Research Project on the Environmental Sustainability of Data Centers

About The Project

Given the growing importance of digital technology in the economy and society, this research project aims to address the issue of digital sustainability, and specifically the impacts that the use of digital technology has on the environment. The project focuses on the environmental impacts of data centers, which are the core of cloud computing. In addition, it aims at investigating how a public institution, in this case the Veneto Region in Italy, could manage its data centers in a more sustainable way.

This research project (code name SOSPAM) is financed by Veneto Region, Italy (Information Systems Department) and University of Padua.

Our Team

Marco Bettiol

Associate Professor of Business Management
Main Interests:
Industry 4.0, SMEs, ICT

Eleonora Di Maria

Full Professor of Management
Research interests: digital transformation,
sustainability strategies, internationalization

Valentina De Marchi

Associate Professor of Business Management
Main Interests: Environmental innovations,
Sustainability tensions, Global Value Chains

Linda Cerana

Energy Engineer
Main interests: Life Cycle Assesment,
energy efficiency, renewables