Intel plans massive investments in R&D for sustainable data centers

Intel has announced huge investments in R&D for innovative and sustainable technologies for data centers.

By 2023, the chip giant will build a $700 million state-of-the-art research facility, with an extension of over 18.000 square meters, in Hillsboro, Oregon. Here, research will focus on immersion cooling, water usage effectiveness, and heat recapture and reuse for reducing the environmental impact of data centers. Additional activities will include qualifying and testing Intel’s data center products, while part of the facility will serve as a showcase where customers and partners can analyze and test Intel’s products in different data center environments.

In addition to investing in this “mega lab”, Intel has bet on immersion liquid solutions for higher cooling efficiency, announcing its plans to share the industry’s first open intellectual property (open IP) immersion liquid cooling tech and its reference design.

Intel’s huge investments and efforts aim at enabling a higher-pace adoption of its new and more sustainable technologies. They also seem a clear indication that industry’s R&D is rapidly responding to the need to address global environmental issues. This trend is probably going to dramatically change – in the near future – the way data centers are constructed and operated, with a consequent deep renovation of the whole supply chain.

Go to Intel’s page for more details about its investment plans.

Architectural rendering of Intel’s new R&D lab – Source: Intel